Cadiz Asset Management launched an innovative new investment in 2012, which enabled corporate clients to earn the required Enterprise Development points in terms of the DTI scorecard, and at the same time earn real returns from a once off investment.

In 2016 Cadiz Asset Management extended the investment to include the ability to earn Supplier Development points in terms of the revised codes of good practice. The Supplier Development investment does not earn a return.

These investments are now offered under the Inyosi brand after Stellar Credit and Mineworkers Investment Corporation joined forces to offer the product corporate investors.


Any South African entity (such as a natural person, company, partnership, close corporation, trust) who requires Enterprise and Supplier Development points in terms of the DTI scorecard.


The main features of this investment are:

  • Immediate and ongoing access to Enterprise and Supplier Development points
  • Upfront investment which counts towards your Enterprise and Supplier Development score annually
  • Unique long term financial and impact track record
  • Turnkey investment with annual accredited Enterprise and Supplier Development certificate
  • Access to a preferential procurement portal together with preferential procurement certificate (If applicable)
  • Target real return on your investment (Enterprise Development only)
  • Social and economic impact assessment according to global best practice
  • Dedicated professional investment team
  • Specialist credit lending team
  • Dedicated support by enterprise development professionals

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