Cadiz Property Income enables you to earn a regular, tax efficient, annuity income – where the payments can increase each year and potentially earn unlimited capital growth all from a property portfolio.


  • Any South African resident (such as a natural person, retirement fund, trust or company) who needs an income and would like to grow their capital.
  • Individual investors who wish to take advantage of the favourable tax treatment of Section 10A of the Income Tax Act.
  • Pension funds and non-profit companies who wish to make a tax-free investment.
  • Companies, Close Corporations, and Trusts can invest but they don’t benefit from the favourable tax treatment of Section 10A.


Provides investors with:

  • Monthly income that increases annually;
  • Ability to enjoy capital growth based off a growing property portfolio
  • Open-ended investment with a re-investment bonus every five years
  • Enjoy minimal taxation on your annuity income

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