Our Absolute Return and Balanced Funds make use of our best high conviction investment ideas from all asset classes to deliver superior returns to achieve the objectives of the mandate. The Absolute Return and Balanced product ranges allow portfolio managers to invest in various asset classes including equity, property, cash, nominal bonds and inflation-linked bonds, with the use of strategic asset allocation to create the blueprint for the appropriate positioning of each product.

The investment process combines a top-down macro-economic review that allows us to understand the environment in which our companies operate, with a bottom-up investment selection process. All the multi-asset class products use the high conviction investment ideas generated by our team from all asset classes. In particular, in the construction of our equity portfolios, companies are valued relative to cash thereby creating the defensive characteristics required by the product mandate.

Our style of investing combined with the strategic use of derivatives reduces the potential for losses, which is a key characteristic of our Absolute Return product range. In these portfolios, we focus on capital preservation over rolling 12-18 month periods. As long-term investors we consider a normal holding period to be between three and five years.

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