The Cadiz Asset Management strategy is focussed on the long-term creation of value and sustainability of earnings for stakeholders.


Who are we?

Cadiz Asset Management is a long-term investment manager with a valuation-based investment philosophy.

Why do we exist?

To enrich our clients’ lives through long-term investment excellence. Our primary role is therefore to deliver investment performance so that we preserve and grow our clients’ long-term wealth. the extent to which we meet our clients’ investment needs drives our success.

What are our ambitions?

We have the investment team, systems and operational platform to attract high-yielding mandates, improve our margins and grow our assets under management in the medium term. Our client service capability remains a focal point as we continually strive to deliver a higher quality and more responsive service. Our ambitions are to:

  • be the investment manager of choice in South Africa;
  • earn our clients’ trust by delivering the long-term investment returns that we promise across each of our mandates;
  • excel at client service; and
  • be the employer of choice.

Our strategy to achieve these goals is to deliver consistent long-term investment performance and exceptional client service with a focused range of investment solutions to advised institutional clients and high net worth individuals in South Africa.


Our investment products

We offer the full spectrum of domestic-focused investment solutions to institutional clients across equities, fixed income, multi-asset class portfolios, protected investments and structured products. We apply our capabilities within and across asset classes to a range of seven unit trust funds for individual investors.

To whom do we offer our products and services?

We focus on providing investment and client service excellence to direct institutional and retail clients, advised institutional clients and individuals who choose to engage the services of a trusted professional adviser. Our clients therefore include:

  • asset consultants;
  • financial advisers; and
  • institutional and retail investors.