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Established in 1996 Cadiz Asset Management manages assets for both individuals and institutions. We have built our success by delivering investment performance, patiently cultivating meaningful relationships and providing our clients with exceptional client service.

Our team is committed to putting clients first

As an independently managed company, we are able to put the needs and requirements of our clients first. We believe that achieving sustainable investment excellence is only possible in a working environment where our colleagues are committed to collaboration, personal responsibility and accountability.

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  • The return of African Bank

    In 2014, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) placed African Bank under curatorship following the largest bank and corporate default in South Africa’s financial market history. After two years of uncertainty, African Bank resumed trading on 4 April 2016. This time around, the bank seems to be moving away from only targeting the unsecured lending segment of the market. It is offering a range of additional financial products and services, including a range of new bonds. In light of the ongoing political and economic tension trigged by the ‘Nenegate’ fiasco that started in December 2015, we believe the sales of these bonds should initially exceed demand. However, once the bond spreads have widened to enable the market to clear, we believe these bonds might offer value.

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